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Hey Beauties! Last week, we talked about the healthiest way to shampoo & cleanse our hair. Today's post is equally important, only under one condition...CONDITION! Let's break it down.

Deep conditioning is probably the most overlooked step in hair care. Also, overnight conditioning may be popular, but it’s unnecessary, and it could cause damage to your strands. It's safe to add heat to your conditioning routine, using a hood dryer, warming cap or a steamer, but there’s no need to leave your deep conditioner on for longer than the time period recommended in the directions. 

Beauties (and some Gents, too!), our curly and kinky hair needs lots of TLC. When getting tangles out, try to do so while you are rinsing out your conditioner.  Start from the very ends, then slowly and gently work your way up to the roots to cut down on breakage. Hair needs love too! 

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Love & Light to All!

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