The Benefits of Using the L.O.C. Method for 3 - 4 C Hair Types

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Curly Hair Needs Moisture!

Unlike straight and wavy hair types, our curly hair often comes with its own challenges, such as breakage, frizz, and dreaded dryness. Especially in colder climates. 

The L.O C. Method is a technique for moisturizing

it consists of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss.

1. Water Equals Moisture

When it comes to moisturizing, water is moisture. Its a no-brainer that adding water as the liquid to your hair is going to moisturize and hydrate. If you have issues with frizziness, try adding Aloe Vera, which is a natural humectant to this step.

2. Oil Helps the Hair Hold on to Water Molecules

This is where the method loses some people. And for good reason. It’s true that oil and water don’t mix.  It's best to use oils that naturally. penetrate the hair shaft such as coconut, avocado and olive oils.

3. Cream Locks In Moisture

Natural products that seal and coat the hair are ideal. The best coating oils are Castor, Grapeseed, and Jojoba. If you have extremely dry hair and/or live in harsh winter climates consider using natural butters like Shea or Mango as your cream for this step.

Like all hair care methods out here, consistency & quality is the key to healthy hair growth.

Love & Light to All! 


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