It's the Hair-Tuition For Me!

Posted by LaVonne Wallace on

Hair-Tuition Is Real!

I usually consider myself pretty attuned to my body's needs, especially my hair. But whenever I use a "protective style" with synthetic or added hair, my hair-tuition goes out-of-wack!

What Is Hair-Tuition?

Hair-Tuition can be described as your natural ability to instinctively know the current state of your hair/ scalp & tend to what it needs. Like I stated, I'm usually on point with it, but added hair in protective styling always throws me off my game...BIG TIME! Because of this, over the years, I've had some major hair setbacks, such as thinning edges, split ends, and overall damage.  Even with the proper maintenance throughout the life of the style. 

The Comeback...

Thankfully, with lots of TLC & a little bit of patience, my hair has bounced back every time.  Just call me the Comeback Kid.  However, the message is very clear for me that, as cute as they may be, I should just avoid styles that require "extra" hair. Hey, I've learned to trust my Hair-Tuition because SHE is always right! 

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